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Chloe's weekly hair routine

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Chloe's weekly hair routine

Almost two decades as a hairdresser places Chloe as an expert in the industry. Not only has she refined her skills, but she’s had first-hand experience with the diverse world of hair. After using countless brands and products, Chloe discovered there was a need for a haircare range that was clean, effective, and focused on building the overall health of consumers' scalp and hair.

Chloe shares her weekly hair routine and tips on how to get the best out of the Chloe Zara Hair range, which has been designed to work in synergy with each other.

I generally wash my hair two-three times a week. To cleanse my scalp and hair I use the Silk Hair Wash. I like to cleanse twice in a row to remove natural grease and product build-up. On the second cleanse I massage the wash into the scalp and hairline for a couple of minutes to activate the powerhouse ingredients.

Removing excess water from my hair, I then apply a generous amount of the Silk Hair Condition to mids, ends, and a little to the roots for scalp care.

Then after gently towel drying my hair, I like to wrap my hair in a microfibre towel and leave it on for around 30 minutes. I do this because the towel absorbs most of the water from the hair, which then results in less drying time with heat, which means less damage to the hair.

I always apply two small drops of the Hair & Body Perfume Oil to damp hair. This is a leave-in treatment that will help to smooth, seal and protect your strands. Very important to use when applying any heat from styling tools!

Then I use a thumbnail amount of the pre-styling Hair Crème to add body and soft texture. I very gently comb through with only a wide-tooth comb to prevent any damage to the hair. Layering the hair creme and the Hair & Body Perfume Oil gives a great foundation to styling hair.

Once my hair is dry, I apply a further 1-2 small drops of the Hair & Body Perfume Oil to mids and ends as an extra layer of heat protection, I then style with my irons for my desired look. The Perfume Oil always gives my hair shine and helps to smooth any flyways.