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CZ+You: Benjamin Alexander

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CZ+You: Benjamin Alexander

Tell us about life at Benjamin Alexander - what are you working on at the moment? We have just finished our fourth collection that was to be shown in August. Because of the current situation in Auckland right now, we have pushed the show back to later in the year. We’ve also been working on some collaborations with amazing artists and designers that I’m looking forward to sharing. 

What are you most looking forward to for the next few seasons? I’m really looking forward to expanding into new lines within Benjamin Alexander and to create new offerings. 

Who are you designing for? Who is the BA Muse? I get this question a lot and I never know how to answer it. I’ve always made whatever I want to make and feel is right at the time and in a way I’m lucky that people enjoy it and want to wear it. I do, however, commit to make clothing that not only make people look good, but feel their best - both inside and out.

You have a way of creating impactful fashion shows, what are the elements you need to get right to make it work and memorable? Putting on shows is defiantly a highlight of working in this industry for me. I adore organising every little detail and playing it over and over in my head until its happening. The most important element would be to make it an intimate and warm experience. I like to keep everything under control and extremely organised in advance so the whole atmosphere is calm, seamless and just an overall good time. An audience can tell when it’s chaotic and dysfunctional, so making sure that it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the process is what I strive to achieve. 

Do you have a daily skincare routine? I certainly do. I’ve just added Emma Lewisham’s Skin Reset Serum into my daily routine and it’s a product that I’m absolutely loving. I, of course, don’t leave the house without wearing sunscreen and lip balm. 

How do you keep your hair in peak condition? I honestly barely do anything with my hair besides wash it, but since using the full CZH range I’ve found that the routine itself is rather therapeutic and beneficial to the overall look and feel of my hair. There is certainly truth to having the word ‘silk’ in the product titles.

What are your favourite aspects of the CZH silk hair wash? I love the shampoo because it lathers so well. I have thick hair and so much of it that I find a lot of clean shampoos just don’t cut the mustard, where as this is amazing even when using a small amount.

CZH champions sustainability and we are always striving to make sure all our practices reflect this - how do you work sustainability into your daily life and hair and beauty regimes? For me, the idea of sustainability is about living your life with respect - respect for the planet, your neighbour, strangers, animals, everything around you, and yourself. I think that everybody is striving to say their ‘sustainable’ or running a ‘sustainable’ business, but at the end of the day it simply comes down to being a kind and respectful human being and integrating that outlook into your daily life. I, of course, use clean products where I can within my beauty regime and products that don’t test on animals - that’s my biggest no no.