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CZ+You: Cassidy Morris

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CZ+You: Cassidy Morris

You have launched Cassidy& - can you tell us a bit about the concept for this? Cassidy& is a platform for conversation, a space I wanted to create where we have these conversations about topics that are relevant to everyone.  It’s a space for listening to different points of view, hearing others opinions, and learning about their experiences. I was lucky to have Resene come on board and support the conversation of screen time and help create the tone for the space. 


How did you pick your interviewees? We really wanted a mix of people, For me it was finding people from different industries and also people with a different audience, I wanted this conversation to resonate with a lot of people. 


What are some of the important lessons you've learnt from interviewing these people? Sitting and listening to four totally different experiences and I guess perspectives of the same topic, I was amazed by how different they all were. But that was what I wanted. Once my first series was complete, I watched all the conversations and felt like I achieved what I set out for. Four different experiences, opinions, even just feelings around a topic that we all resonate with. 


What is your daily routine? I always start my morning by having an early coffee in bed with my man, we started doing this in lock down and have never stopped. Then I go for a run, or Pilates at my absolute favourite Core Collective, shower, skin care, Take Chester (My dog for a quick play/ walk) and then start work, it's been really busy with everything going on for Cassidy& so my days do always look different, but then once my work day is over I take Chester for another walk with Luke and then its dinner time and a catch up on the couch. 


What's your go-to hairstyle? My absolute go to hair style is inspired by the beautiful Lara Worthington, A sleek low bun. It's just easy, takes two minutes and you look put together for the day.


How do you keep your hair in peak condition? I always try my best to let it air dry, so no hot tools, I am a shocker for washing it a lot but I feel like if you are using healthy products then it isn't a massive issue? fingers crossed haha.


CZH pioneers clean haircare - how have the products changed your hair? I have naturally really curly hair, and I have never found a product that allows me to wear my hair naturally without making it fizzy, so it's literally life changing for me. 


What are your favourite aspects Chloe Zara Silk Balm? I am in love with the "Balm" I think this is the key to my natural curls not looking frizzy, I run the balm through my hair once I've jumped out of the shower and then let me hair dry naturally, its honestly been life changing for me in regards to being able to wear my natural curls day to day. Also it smells amazing and I am obsessed with great smelling hair. 


CZH champions sustainability and we are always striving to make sure all our practices reflect this - how do you work sustainability into your daily lives and hair and beauty regimes? I am currently making that transition to using only clean Skin Care and same with my hair. I also put a lot of  time into educating myself  when it comes to sustainability, and finding how you personally can make being sustainable become a part of your lifestyle, rather than just a phase that comes and goes. I see a lot of that happening.