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CZ+You: Victoria Harris

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CZ+You: Victoria Harris
In conversation with Victoria Harris, founder of The Curve, an education platform providing investing and finance content to women globally. We sat down with Victoria to discuss what drew her to the finance sector, lessons she has learnt and go-to hair styles.
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What initially drew you to the finance sector? What is it about this industry that makes you tick? Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in businesses and how they grow.  I would always be selling trinkets on the side of the road or starting business at school. However, I didn't get interested in finance until I was at University. I learnt how integral finance and investing was in helping businesses grow but also, how vital investing it was in growing our own wealth. 
What I love about working in the industry is that it's dynamic and I have a lot of autonomy. When the market opens, you never know what your day is going to be like. Will the market be up? Will it be down? You have to constantly digest information and react quickly. I also have a lot of flexibility to invest in companies that I am interested in or that I find exciting - which I love.   
What are some important lessons you've learnt throughout your career and launching The Curve? The biggest lesson is to have confidence in yourself. It might sound generic or cliche, but we are all unique and we all bring something different to the table. Embrace it. Being a minority gender in the industry has meant I have had to have a lot of confidence in myself. Also, launching The Curve took a lot of courage too. It has been so well received in such a short time period that we should've launched it sooner!
For those of us new to finance, what would be the most surprising thing we can learn about investing? That you don't have to be an expert to begin your investing journey. Investing trends are all around us.  And women are actually better investors than men, which is pretty surprising considering we lack the confidence and knowledge when it comes to investing. 
What is your daily routine? I'm currently employed full-time, and I use my spare time to grow The Curve, so my day isn't very routine at all! But I start my day early so I can get into the office and read the global news headlines. Then it consists of a lot of meetings with new companies to potentially invest in as well as existing companies we own, then usually straight out for dinner. Therefore, I need to ensure I have a hair and beauty routine that will last.
What's your go-to hairstyle? I have quite thick, long hair so my typical hairstyle is a textured blow-wave. I think it suits my face and hair the best (plus, it's easy to do at home!) so I always do it.
How do you keep your hair in peak condition? I have a fairly low maintenance approach to my hair to be honest. That's why I have to make sure I'm using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis. I also do the odd hair mask when I have time, which is usually on a rainy Sunday.
CZH pioneers clean haircare - how have the products changed your hair? I have never really had issues with my hair, until recently. I noticed my hair was drier, duller and wasn't growing as fast as it used to. So, I started regularly using the CZ Hair Oil after a recommendation by my hairdresser (and lots of other people too!). Not only does its smell incredible, but I noticed my hair was much healthier looking and in much better condition.
What are your favourite aspects of CZ Hair Oil? The smell, the texture and how it makes my hair feel. I have definitely noticed a positive difference in my hair since using the Hair Perfume Oil. And it's now a vital part of my daily routine.
CZH champions sustainability and we are always striving to make sure all our practices reflect this - how do you work sustainability into your daily lives and hair and beauty regimes? I manage a Fund which only invests in sustainable companies because I am passionate about supporting companies that have a positive impact on the environment and my body. Therefore, I try to only buy clean, sustainable and locally made - CZ products tick all these boxes.