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Why we are silicone free.

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Why we are silicone free.

Chloe Zara Hair is void of parabens, sulfates and silicones— using only natural and clean ingredients. Created by pioneering beauty chemists, each product has been expertly formulated to combine the best of nature’s plant actives and modern haircare ingredients, to create not only clean, but effective haircare.

Instead of using silicones which give the hair an illusion of shine and a cosmetically soft feel, they  leave a film coating on the hair.  We have chosen to use natural oils across our range. These natural oils give the hair high shine and gloss. Not only are they natural, but the benefits of using natural oils are the vitamins, essential fatty acids and the nutrients that all serve a purpose and enhance the hair health that silicones do not. 

So are silicones bad? While silicone is not a toxic ingredient, there is no benefit to using them as silicones can cause long term harm to the overall health of your hair. When using a product or products that contain silicones, over time this will leave a film coating on the hair, which then builds up over time. When colouring or lightening the hair this can then can cause a reaction to the lightening process which can lead to breakage. 

Also everyday use of hot tools can cause severe breakage when heat is applied to the hair from the build up of silicones. Just think of plastic melting with heat, the silicone coating on your hair melts which then causes the hair to break.