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silk hair wash


$46.00 300ml

The gentle shampoo is designed to cleanse the scalp and strengthen and soften dry or damaged hair, reinforcing the structure of the hair and helping to prevent future damage. This ultra-hydrating shampoo is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants for optimum scalp and hair health. Use combined with the Silk Hair Condition and experience nourished, refreshed, and silky-smooth hair for optimum health and manageability.

Perfect for: All hair types. Especially for dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Colour safe. 

Hair texture: fine, medium or thick

Scalp condition: normal, dry or oily

Our bottles are made from post-consumer resin (PCR) material and are 100% recyclable. PCR is an environmentally-friendly packaging option made from items that consumers recycle everyday. We like it because it reduces the impact on landfills.

how to use

On wet hair work shampoo into a rich lather. Massage vigorously into scalp and hairline then ends of hair to activate potent powerhouse ingredients, rinse and repeat.


Sandalwood, Pineapple, Fig, Saffron

key ingredients 

Nettle & Green Tea Extract, Jojoba Esters, Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera


Not Tested on Animals, Formulated with Clean Beauty Ingredients. Free from sulfates (SLS), Parabens and Silicones.

Natural spring water from New Zealand
Sodium coco sulfate creates a rich foam and cleanses hair and skin. Its thorough action dissolves dirt and grease effectively. Made from the fatty acids of coconut oil, it's a good palm-free alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate and has a larger molecule to reduce irritation.
A gentle surfactant and detergent made from coconut oil the lauryl part and sugar the glucose part. Such alkyl glucosides biodegrade quickly, and tend to be gentle to the skin, and they work in hard water.
Chloe Zara signature fragrance of Saffron, Pineapple, Fig and Sandalwood. * Alpha Isomethylionone, *Benzyl Salicylate
Known as an antioxidant powerhouse packed with polyphenols to fight oxidation and external aggressors like pollution.
Famous for its cooling and calming properties, Aloe Vera leaf juice helps maintain moisture balance and is beneficial for soothing sensitivity and irritation.
Horsetail leaves are rich in the mineral Silica which is a major component of hair and nails.
Nettles are extremely nutritious, brimming with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. According to traditional use, they are especially beneficial for the hair and scalp.
High in plant proteins, marshmallow nourishes and thickens hair strands as well as promotes healthy hair growth. Regular use of this herb, will make your hair smoother and silkier, increase manageability, and restore luster and bounce.
A naturally certified and nature identical preservative in ecological and organic certified cosmetics, it is used for the gentle preservation of all personal care products.
Description to be added.
Natural pH adjuster
Hydrolysed Silk Protein is obtained from the natural silk fibres from the cocoon of the silk worm (Bombyx mori). Polypeptides are chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Hydrolysed proteins are proteins that have been broken down into smaller chains of amino acids by reaction with water. This grade (90-120da) is ideal for hair care products. It conditions and strengthens hair whilst improving plasticity and manageability. Supports moisture levels and penetrates to the hair cortex to promote repair.
A jojoba-derived emollient, long lasting moisturization, volume, color retention, smoothness, softness, conditioning, heat protection. dye uptake, dyeing time and wet comb force
A naturally certified and nature identical preservative in ecological and organic certified cosmetics, it is used for the gentle preservation of all personal care products.
Is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (carbohydrate) in the human body. It is produced from bi products of the bacterial fermentation of corn, wheat and yeast extracts. It is NOT of animal origin. Provides intensive hydration. Soothes the delicate scalps.
Also offer exceptional benefits for all hair types. It produces a natural radiant luster and the oil glides onto the hair surface to form a very light continuous lipid layer which provides lubricity to help detangle and lock in essential moisture.
Natures Wonder oil', Hemp Seed Oil has no psychoactive properties and is able to be used in a wide variety of ways. It has an amazing natural ability to moisturise and condition the hair. Considered to have anti-inflammatory properties, with its essential fatty acids useful in assisting skin conditions. Regular users of hemp oil also report enjoying smoother, thicker, softer hair, and stronger nails.
Soothing the scalp. This naturally soothing, anti-irritating skin protectant would be amazing with just those three attributes, but it also has the ability to increase the water content in the skin (scalp), Scalp regeneration. Elasticity and soft hair. Reduces scalp flakes.

Nourishing & Hydrating

To optimise the health and strength of your hair