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Created by celebrated hairstylist Chloe Zara, Chloe Zara Hair is a mindfully curated, premium haircare collection that fuses the best of science with the wonder of nature.

Formulated and made in New Zealand with clean beauty principles and premium ingredients top of mind, the ever-growing, boutique range focuses on creating a simple, yet luxurious haircare routine for all that nourishes the scalp and the hair.

Each product within the collection takes a multifaceted approach to haircare that brings together clean ingredients proven to improve shine, hydration, body and texture. These powerful, multi-tasking, plant-based ingredients are most commonly found in skincare, and have been carefully chosen in close consultation with expert formulators to continually work to improve the overall health of your scalp and hair to achieve unparalleled, long term results.


With two decades in the hair industry, Chloe has cemented her place as both an artist and an innovator when it comes to creating truly unique, efficacious hair solutions. Not only has she spent considerable time refining her technical skills, but she’s had first-hand experience with the diverse world of hair. After trialling countless brands and products, Chloe discovered there was a need for a haircare range that was clean, effective and focused on building the overall health of both the scalp and the hair. Her dream was to create a product range that could used by all hair types, with the end result being hair that feels and looks incredible.

The Chloe Zara Hair hair and body perfume oil was the first product to be created, the use of an oil being a non-negotiable for the stylist in salon. Recognising that the right oil can be used in multiple ways to deliver superlative benefits when it comes to maintaining hair health, Chloe set about creating her own bespoke oil that delivered on multiple fronts.

Now a cult favourite and top seller, the hair and body perfume oil holds a special place in Chloe’s heart, and is a product she – and her clients - cannot live without. The high performing, multi-purpose product is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to ensure maximum protection and to smooth, soften and add incredible shine to the hair. The formula also comes imbued with Chloe’s signature fragrance of pineapple, saffron, fig and sandalwood, which was created especially for the brand in a green lab in Grasse, France. From there, the Chloe Zara Hair collection expanded and continues to grow and develop.

As aforementioned, ingredients play a huge part in the Chloe Zara Hair collection, and each must serve a purpose. There is no need for unnecessary ingredients or fillers, and Chloe Zara Hair is refreshingly void of parabens, sulfates and silicones. “We believe that unnecessary ingredients should not be in the products we put on our scalp and hair,” says Chloe, who worked closely with one of New Zealand’s leading chemists to carefully select ingredients across the range. Chloe Zara hair is proudly silicone free, with Chloe choosing to formulate the entire range without the use of the man-made, synthetic component. “Silicone can create a film-like build-up on the hair, so instead we called on the power of natural oils which continually work to build, strengthen, boost shine and improve body and manageability, achieving long-term healthy hair. I’ve carefully chosen each ingredient for a reason, recognising that each delivers their own unique results. Unsurprisingly, they’re natural, clean, deeply nourishing - and they perform.”

Now a mother, Chloe has a new appreciation for everyday, effortless hair, and has deliberately created products that truly work and are refreshingly simple to use. “Haircare products need to build and maintain hair health, so your hairstyle becomes quick, easy and manageable and looks beautiful all day long,” says the stylist. “Most products on the market offer short-term solutions for your hair, full of unnecessary ingredients which are just band-aiding the underlying problem. I wanted to create a brand that not only made your hair look incredible, but ultimately helped build the health of your scalp and hair.”

At Chloe Zara Hair our sustainability commitment is forever evolving. Our ingredients are ethically, sustainable and renewable sourced, and when it comes to our packaging, our bottles and tube are 100 percent recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled material. All of our packaging card used is also from recycled FSC-certified material and 100 percent recyclable. As a brand, we’re constantly striving to do better and will evolve our sustainability practices wherever we can.

The Chloe Zara Hair collection continues to grow and develop along with our Chloe Zara Hair community. Stocked in New Zealand’s leading department stores and fashion/lifestyle stores, we invite you to join us on our journey to healthy, beautiful and manageable hair.