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How to use our hair perfume oil 

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How to use our hair perfume oil 

The hair perfume oil is for all hair types. Both a leave-in treatment to protect against hot styling tools, UV rays and pollution and as a finishing product to smooth hair and leave it incredibly soft, glossy and beautifully perfumed.

Use the pipette to control how much oil you use. For fine hair start with a tiny drop. The thicker your hair, the more it will absorb the oil, therefore the more you can use.

step one

Apply to your hands and rub together so there is an even coverage of oil, then apply firstly to mid lengths and ends of damp hair, combing through to ensure it is evenly dispersed. Dry and style hair as desired.

step two

Once hair is dry, apply another small drop to your hands and sparingly disperse through the hair to tame any flyaways and leave a lovely shine.

step three

With any remaining residue on your hands, press Perfume Oil onto your pulse points; wrist, behind ears and décolletage.

extra benefits 

The hair perfume oil can also be added as an extra boost of hydration and gloss to our Silk Hair Balm. Start with a generous amount of hair balm in your palm, then add several drops of Hair Perfume Oil. Mix the two together and smooth though towel dried hair. Leave on hair for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • Add Hair Perfume Oil to your bath to add hydration to your skin and leave a beautiful aroma.
  • Use as a daily parfum on your skins pulse points.