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CZ&You: Chloe Zara Munro, Co-Founder of Chloe Zara Hair

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CZ&You: Chloe Zara Munro, Co-Founder of Chloe Zara Hair
A hairstylist for almost two decades, Chloe Zara has cemented her position as an expert in both hair and business with the launch of her eponymous haircare range, Chloe Zara, two years ago.
At the time of Chloe Zara Hair's launch, Albie had just turned one. In celebration of Mothers Day, and in dedication to all the mothers, grandmothers, mother figures, we spoke with Chloe about her beautiful son, her brand, and the special synergy that has been created.
 Chloe & Albie
Albie is now two years old, what is your favourite thing about being his mother? Watching Albie grow and develop into his own person. He is two and a half and full of personality. Also the amount of love you have for one another, just to hold his hand or have a little cuddle is truly the best feeling, he melts my heart daily.
What are some of the things you have learned from him and how do these now shape you as a person? He has taught me to be a little more patient and go with the flow a lot more. I think motherhood has definitely changed me in some ways , I love that I grow as a mother as Albie grows too.
You had Albie at roughly the same time you co-founded CZH - what were the challenges and benefits of founding a business and being a new mother? This was a particularly challenging time for me, navigating being a new mum, managing my hair studio and of course launching Chloe Zara Hair. While there were challenges along the way, I can look back now and remember some special moments I shared with Albie. Little things like emailing, planning our packaging design while feeding him.  One of my favourite photos is a photo of Albie playing with our wash and condition bottles. He has been a part of this journey from the beginning, which makes it incredibly special.
Do you think your drive to use clean, sustainable ingredients has become greater since becoming a mother? Yes, I am so cautious of what I use on Albie in terms of products. Clean Ingredients are really important when it comes to using anything on him.
What lessons did your own mother teach you that implement in your own parenting? To not be too hard on myself as a mother, some days are really tough. My mum is amazing to talk to when times are hard, she gives me that reassurance and guidance that I sometimes need.
Does Albie understand what it means that their mother is an entrepreneur and business owner? What do you teach them about what you do? Our child is only two and a half, he understands I go to work. He loves to “help” me style my hair, so when it’s time to doing his hair each morning I say to him, this is mummy’s hair product and he loves it, it’s very cute!