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CZ+You: Alexandra Stanworth

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CZ+You: Alexandra Stanworth

We sat down with Alexandra Stanworth from @beautybyalexandra to find out her what her daily beauty regime is, her go to hairstyle and her favourite Chloe Zara product.

With a love for fashion and a strong love for make up Alexandra Stanworth is one of Auckland most sought after make up artist. By focusing on skin, and having a more natural soft approach to make up, she leaves you feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself.

She also knows how to perfect an effortless soft wave.


Tell us about Beauty by Alexandra - how did you start and what inspired you to do so? 
Three years ago I was working in fashion after spending time in Sydney working as a make up artist at a cosmetic company. I love fashion, my love for make up was still so strong I knew I had to make the switch back to make up. Overseas I was seeing a big shift in beauty and the social media side of an artist which inspired me to jump at the opportunity of becoming a full time freelancer in the NZ beauty industry who really focused on skin, and a more natural soft approach to make up.
You have a focus on bridal and fashion editorial beauty and hair - how do they differ and what are your favourite aspects of them?
Both are amazing, but very different approaches. Bridal is understanding a bride's vision for her day, and creating and providing a look that suits her and her features so she feels incredible on such a huge day of her life. Fashion is a lot more collaborative, so it's working with a variety of creative people to get a result that everyone is happy and excited about. 
Have you got a favourite memory from your career as a hair and makeup artist?
I've been really lucky to be apart of some incredible shoots it's so hard to choose but I truly think my favourite memories are when people have shared a happy tear from feeling so good about how they look. Nothing beats that feeling.
What is your daily beauty routine?
Hard to believe, but I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my own beauty regime. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with dewy skin, so I use really hydrating products in the morning and evening to achieve this.
I also love to use beauty collagen powder in my morning coffee and I love a good face mask every Sunday evening. 
My daily routine is cleanse in the morning to start then followed by a hylaronic acid serum, followed by a hydrating moisturiser, Hourglass concealer, brow gel, mascara and currently I'm obsessed with Westman Atelier cream bronzer and blush. I finish off my hair with CZH perfume oil and OUAI texture hair spray. 
Evenings are all about double cleansing, hydrating serums and moisturiser to work their magic while I sleep and to ensure my skin is hydrated for the following mornings make up application.  
What's your go-to hairstyle?
I've always had shorter hair (due to being obsessed with Lara Bingle's hair) so it's either centre part and sleek back behind my ears, or its more textured with a bend through it and flipped over to one side.
How do you keep your hair in peak condition? 
 I love using hair masks and oils to keep my hair hydrated and soft. I have fine hair in texture and I do find that I don't really rely on hot tools to style it too much, so it doesn't get much heat which I think helps the condition a lot too. 
Chloe Zara Hair pioneers clean haircare - how have the products changed your hair? 
CZH has dramatically changed how hydrated and soft my hair is. Since using CZH I don't have any frizziness and can go that extra day or 2 between my previous hair washes. 
What are your favourite aspects of the Chloe Zara Hair Perfume Oil?
The smell of the CZH Perfume Oil is so divine (and the bottle!) I love adding a few drops into my hair while its still damp after a wash, and I use it every morning on dry hair to keep it smooth and hydrated all day, and also to add that scent to it! 
Chloe Zara Hair champions sustainability and we are always striving to make sure all our practices reflect this - how do you work sustainability into your daily lives and hair and beauty regimes? 
As a make up artist, I take a lot of pride in my kit and have responsibility for the products that I am applying to my clients/ models faces regularly. I really ensure to spend time doing the research and purchase more from brands that deliver amazing performing products that are supporting a more sustainable future for the beauty industry.